Boost student engagement with real-time, classroom quiz racing

QuizWhizzer makes it easy to get students excited about formative assessment. Create custom quizzes and track your class's progress with just a few clicks.

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Teachers love us. Here's what they're saying

Helping thousands of teachers worldwide increase class engagement.

After embedding QuizWhizzer games into most sessions through the years my A level results have continued to improve. The results of my Physics students have consistently ranked within the top 20% of the country via ALPS and as a result I would strongly recommend QuizWhizzer to any teacher.

Graham Davison

I must say, that Iā€™m fall in love with this tool for gamification..simple, easy and very helpful to make learning into something fun and exciting..thank you very much for creating this awesome platform šŸ¤©

Amalina Johari

I can't thank you enough for the site - this has been a great addition to my classes.

Jen Charles

This was awesome! My students loved it and played it over and over!

Chelsey culley love

How It Works

  • 1

    Design your game board

    Simply upload a background image and click anywhere to add spaces. These will form a path which players race each other on.

    Players move forward when they answer correctly and optionally backward when they answer incorrectly.

    You can also customize the amount players move by, as well as choose the random option to add a bit of luck to the game šŸŽ²

    Solar system game board
  • 2

    Write your questions

    Choose from 8 different question types: multiple choice, multiple response, short answer, numerical, true/false, drag and drop into text, ordering and open-ended.

    Write questions
  • 3

    Launch your game and invite your students!

    Share the unique access code with your students and watch their avatars appear on the game board as they connect from their own device.

    Then let the race begin! Students answer the questions at their own pace and race each other to the finish šŸ’Ŗ

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  • 4

    Analyze the results

    View a chart of every student's answer and discuss the tricky questions as a class

    Analyze results

Bring a New Twist to Formative Assessment

Explore our unique feature set designed to boost engagement and increase learning.

  • Fully Customizable

    Choose any background and design your game exactly how you like.

  • Exciting Powerups

    Make the race even more interesting with unique powerups, visually watch the effects on the game board!

  • Self-paced

    Students work independently on the questions to ensure effective learning.

  • Extensive Question types

    We have 8 questions types: multiple choice, multiple response, true/false, numerical answer, short text answer, drag and drop into text, ordering and open-ended.

  • Up to 50 Player Capacity

    Launch games with up to 50 players so everyone is involved.

  • Player Avatars

    Add your own avatars to players to customize your game further and increase engagement.


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