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Tim (founder)

Hey, it's Tim 👋

I made QuizWhizzer to solve my physics teachers problem of keeping his students engaged while we practiced questions related to what we just learned.

Before QuizWhizzer, we would just do questions in a booklet and grade them afterwards. This wasn't too fun and it could easily lead to us getting distracted and losing focus.

Later, my teacher introduced games that he made in PowerPoint. We could race our own avatar on the board at the front of the class as we answered questions correctly. This was fun but it slowed things down as soon there was a queue to get your answer checked.

QuizWhizzer was the solution (and also my computer science coursework project). It automatically checked answers as we progressed, meaning an instant feedback loop which improved learning. It was also FUN with a friendly competitive race as we worked and power-ups to spice things up even more! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Check knowledge,dump the textbook

  • We have 10 questions types to support a variety of quizzing formats: multiple choice, multiple response, true/false, numerical answer, short text answer, drag and drop into text, ordering, open-ended, random question and audio answer.
  • Make the race even more interesting with unique powerups, visually watch the effects on the game screen!
  • Get ready to host epic quiz battles with a capacity of up to 100 players! QuizWhizzer is designed to accommodate large groups, making it perfect for classrooms, corporate training, or large-scale online events.
  • Add your own avatars to players to customize your game further and increase engagement.
Question types

Play from anywhere 🌎

Players get their own view of the board, so you you're not limited to the classroom environment to play QuizWhizzer. You can host your quiz from any location and players can join from anywhere in the world!


Access all features for free

Pay only based on your usage frequency


Play a few times per month


per year

  • 3 credits per month
  • 30 player limit
  • Create unlimited quizzes
  • Question Bank
  • Custom avatars
  • Homework deadlines
  • Excel reports
  • PDF worksheets
  • ...all other features!


Play 2 times per week


per year

  • 10 credits per month
  • 50 player limit
  • All features


Play as much as you want


per year

  • Unlimited credits per month
  • 100 player limit
  • All features


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Students can join a quiz at quizwhizzer.com/play. Simply enter the unique code provided by the game host and then enter a nickname. No account required!
  • A credit is essentially a pass for you to conduct a quiz with your class. At the beginning of each month, your credits are replenished. Please note that any unused credits won't carry over to the next month, so be sure to use them for your classroom activities. This way, every month you're guaranteed to provide fresh and interactive learning experiences for your students!

  • Once you've used all your credits, you have a couple of options: you can choose to upgrade your plan to immediately receive more credits, or you can wait until the next month when your credits will automatically reset. You can also earn bonus credits by referring other teachers to the platform!

  • Cool, you can contact me at tim@quizwhizzer.com

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    • Using @QuizWhizzer to review before our post test today! This is a new to us tool and they’re loving it! @southnccs

      Heather Reynolds's testimonial for QuizWhizzer
      Heather Reynolds
    • Very very impressed. I teach at a vocational beauty college and I utilize this tool all the time. My adult learning students are so impressed and love how user friendly it is!

    • What an amazing platform for teachers. It allows students to have fun while practicing vocabulary, listening skills and many other assessment standards. My student ask for more homework!

      Martine Kruss
    • I can't thank you enough for the site - this has been a great addition to my classes.

      Jen Charles's testimonial for QuizWhizzer
      Jen Charles
    • I must say, that I’m fall in love with this tool for gamification..simple, easy and very helpful to make learning into something fun and exciting..thank you very much for creating this awesome platform 🤩

      Amalina Johari
    • Excellent platform, I recommend it for your students.

      Rocío Calderón García

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