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Real-time, teacher-created learning games for secondary school teachers. Browse 100s of games, and create your own.

Over 5000 unique, learning-based games created and 20,000 games played. 

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Teachers love us. Here's what they're saying

Helping over 10,000 teachers worldwide increase class engagement.

  • The results of my Physics students have consistently ranked within the top 20% of the country via ALPS. I would strongly recommend QuizWhizzer to any teacher.

    Graham Davison, Newcastle Sixth Form College
  • I can't thank you enough for the site - this has been a great addition to my classes.

    Jen Charles
  • This was awesome! My students loved it and played it over and over!

    Chelsey Culley-Love
  • My kids love you! #oklaed #edtech

    Jennifer Murray
  • Checking out ⁦@Quiznetic⁩ for the first time. Competitive quiz review in full force! #gmstory #engageycsd ⁦@chelseifox⁩ ⁦@kecagle

    Lori Donatelli

How it works

Create your own custom game board by uploading a background and then adding spaces which identify where players will move as they answer the questions.

Short on time? Clone somebody else's game board and skip the first 3 steps!

  • Upload background
  • Add spaces for where the players will move
  • Choose how much players move by
  • Create the questions
  • Invite your students & play the game!

Product tour: unlimited possibilities

You have full control over the design of the game and where players move. Use this software to unleash your creativity. Move players anywhere, any background, multiple-choice, numerical and short answer question types.

Only on QuizWhizzer

Explore our unique feature set designed to boost engagement and increase learning.

  • Fully Customizable

    Choose any background and design your game exactly how you like!

  • Any Path

    You can control where players move through our easy drag and drop interface

  • Self-paced

    Students work independently on the questions to ensure effective learning

  • Add your Questions

    We have 6 types of questions: multiple choice, multiple response, true/false, numerical answer, short text answer and open-ended

  • Up to 50 Player Capacity

    Launch games with up to 50 players so everyone is involved!

  • Player Avatars

    Add your own avatars to players to customize your game further and increase engagement!

A note from the founder

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I started QuizWhizzer as a coursework project with the aim to create an online quiz game based off the games my physics teacher would build manually in PowerPoint.

Although I'm no longer a student, I have continued developing it as I have discovered so many other teachers using the platform to make learning fun in their classroom!


Founder, QuizWhizzer

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      3 credits per month
      1 credit = 1 game launch
  • Bronze

    Play a few times per week
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      All features
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      10 credits per month
      1 credit = 1 game launch
  • Gold

    Play as much as you want
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      Unlimited credits per month
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