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Hi there! My name's Tim and I started QuizWhizzer when I was in school as a coursework project!

The goal was to create a digital version of the games my physics teacher made in PowerPoint. He would create game boards in PowerPoint and we would all have a unique avatar. We would answer questions in a booklet and then go up to get it marked. If we got the question right, we'd move our avatar forwards on the game board. The first to the finish would be declared the winner!

It was a fun way to add a bit of competition while we were reviewing topics individually so we could practice what we were learning. However a big problem was the large queue that formed to get answers checked. By making the game digital, it would be possible to have answers automatically checked and thus remove the queue entirely.

Originally launched in 2017 under the name Quiznetic*, the project has been a great success, as not only my physics teacher has been using it for years but now there are many teachers all over the world also benefiting from it. It has been quite a journey, as something that was only supposed to be a coursework project has morphed into a small business 🤯

QuizWhizzer was designed and works best as a formative assessment tool, where each student progresses at their own pace. This makes it easy for you to see how your students are doing and assist who might be struggling.

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